Video Premiere: Hologram Earth – “Crown of Vanity”



Hologram Earth

Back in 2017, Hologram Earth released an album called “Black Cell Program”, and it proved to be a work of pure artistry; with plenty of eerie and dark moments, lots of technical portions, bright sections of clarity and brass instrumentation, and a unique sound that can be best described as “black jazz metal”.  Now, in preparation for their next album, the band has released a new song called “Crown of Vanity” via a thrilling live in studio video. 

Bassist Thomas Cochrane had this to say about “Crown of Vanity”: “After releasing Black Cell Program(BCP) in 2017, I already had some new ideas on where we were heading with new material.  Crown of Vanity, the second idea I had was born after Michiel came by to add lyrics and vocal lines. Before we released BCP, we released Circadian as a single. It was meant as a warm up for what was coming. I kinda like how that worked out for us, so we decided to do the same for the new album. The big difference is that Crown of Vanity is recorded live, which gives it a rawer, more organic sound and vibe. Sound andsong wise, I would say we’re maturing and the new work leans more towards our prog side.” 

Check out the video below!



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