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TPM was started to explore the lyrical side of progressive music. While this is primarily a site about progressive music, I like to cover any music that I enjoy or that I consider ambitious and artistic. You will therefore see everything from rock and metal to electronica and pop to deep subgenres like blackgaze, doom, folk, and cinematic soundtracks. Basically, I review and support what I like.

Active Staff102

Jason Spencer ~ Founder/Writer

I am a dreamer with a passion for writing. I hold a bachelors in education and a masters in theology currently.  Married for several years and the father of three, my interests are rather extensive, from music (obviously) to film, video games, literature, history, art, theology, philosophy, and the unknown.  I started The PROG Mind back in 2013 so I could discuss my favorite prog albums, and I hope this site sticks around for a while.  Along the way, I’ve written for,,, and  The PROG Mind is my only writing venue online right now, though I am currently writing two books, as well.

My favorite bands include Riverside, Haken, Pendragon, Votum, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Evergrey, Dead Can Dance, Pain of Salvation, Susanne Sundfor, and Introitus, among others.


Inactive Staff

Luke Henson ~ Writer Untitled design

I love progressive music of all kinds; I tend to enjoy 70s music but I keep an open mind. I also enjoy reading and writing (my favorite authors are Victor Hugo, Ayn Rand and Agatha Christie), and I’m not averse to a good theological discussion. I play steel pans, bass guitar, piano, vocals, and (sort of) drums, and I am currently at work on a debut EP.

My favorite bands include Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Subterranean Masquerade, Voïvod, and Black Sabbath, among many others.


Justin Carlton ~ Writerjustin

I’m a husband, a writer, and a musician.  I love my wife and am blessed to be the full-time youth pastor for a fantastic group of teenagers in South Jersey.  My passions include dark coffees, classical and contemporary literature, all eras and shades of progressive rock, and baseball (even when my Phillies are losing).  I also spend a good amount of time wrestling with a certain lab/shepherd puppy who refuses to pay rent.

Some of my favorite bands include The Flower Kings, Gentle Giant, Kansas, Pain of Salvation, Sparta, and Transatlantic.


Stephen Kostas ~ Writer18175767_10100100963655505_2132001225_o

As a full-time husband, father of three, technical writer, guitarist, and a part-time power lifter and video game podcaster; I’m entirely too busy to be doing this sort of thing, but here I am anyway. I’ve been playing and performing music since my parents started me on piano lessons at 8 years old, and I’ve been a big fan of metal and progressive rock since the first time I heard Dream Theater as a teenager. You may have heard me playing guitar in multi-dozen album selling bands like Synaesthesia (the US alt-rock band, not the ambient/electronica one or the progressive rock one now know as Kyros) and The Twenty Committee (the US progressive rock band, not the division of MI5 tasked with turning Axis spies into double-agents during World War 2), and you can check out my gaming and geek culture podcast “Eh! Steve!” featured on

Some of my favorite artists include Haken, Dream Theater, The Pineapple Thief, Transatlantic, and Steven Wilson.


Daniel Hay ~ Writerdaniel

I am a 19-year-old mechanical engineering student from the distant island colony on the other side of the world known as New Zealand. I have been a big fan of progressive music since I was 14, and have been writing reviews since I was 16, on my own progressive music Facebook blog called The Exoskeletal Junction (formerly known from 2012-15 as The 10th Doctor of Prog).

Outside of reviewing, I spend an unnecessarily large amount of time watching cricket (the progressive rock of sports), and have my own band called The Dark Third.

Some of my favourite artists include Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Alcest, Opeth, Leprous and Marillion.



6 responses to “Get to Know Us

  1. Just found your site by accident. Am a 50+ year old business person from Minnesota. Grew up on Rush, Marillion, Kansas, Pink Floyd. Only much later did I first discover Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Airbag, DTES, etc. Never knew any of this existed and wouldn’t have without Spotify. I love your site! I am also a Christian, so it’s great to see that show thru on your site. Just listened to Pulse Of Nature album – incredible. Thanks for all your efforts!


  2. Just found your site when looking for a track listing for Pain of Salivation’s Passing Light of Day album, OMG I now know what i am doing for the next week and that is getting through this site! amazing work and good find for me. Cheers


  3. Hi, I just came across your site. I think it’s fantastic that you al came together to share your love of music and offer great positive reviews of some not very well-known artists and musicians.

    I am myself an independent (not so well-known) composer of New Age Electronica and progressive music.( I wonder if I could get a review of some of my work? )


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