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My name is Jason Spencer. I am the founder, editor, and writer for The Prog Mind, and I also handle the various social media outlets. There have been other writers here in the past, but it has been years, so I thought it was time to clear out old data.

The PROG Mind was started to explore the lyrical side of progressive music. While this is primarily a site about progressive music, I like to cover any music that I enjoy or that I consider ambitious and artistic. You will therefore see everything from rock and metal to electronica and pop to deeper subgenres like blackgaze, doom, folk, or even film and video game scores. Basically, I review and support what I like.

I love writing. I guess you could call me an aspiring author of sorts.  I started TPM back in 2013 so I could discuss my favorite prog albums; before that, I had written for,,, and  TPM is my only writing venue online right now, though I am currently writing two books, as well.

My favorite bands include: Riverside, Evergrey, Anathema, Kamelot, ISON, Draconian, Pendragon, Votum, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Pain of Salvation, and many more.



18 responses to “Get to Know Me

  1. Just found your site by accident. Am a 50+ year old business person from Minnesota. Grew up on Rush, Marillion, Kansas, Pink Floyd. Only much later did I first discover Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Airbag, DTES, etc. Never knew any of this existed and wouldn’t have without Spotify. I love your site! I am also a Christian, so it’s great to see that show thru on your site. Just listened to Pulse Of Nature album – incredible. Thanks for all your efforts!


  2. Just found your site when looking for a track listing for Pain of Salivation’s Passing Light of Day album, OMG I now know what i am doing for the next week and that is getting through this site! amazing work and good find for me. Cheers


  3. Hi, I just came across your site. I think it’s fantastic that you al came together to share your love of music and offer great positive reviews of some not very well-known artists and musicians.

    I am myself an independent (not so well-known) composer of New Age Electronica and progressive music.( I wonder if I could get a review of some of my work? )


  4. Hi Jason, I found your website today via a link in one of your Evergrey reviews on Progarchives. That was a very nice review by the way, encouraging me to dive deeper into the catalogue of these metallers from Sweden. Your top-100 of the decade is also a very nice discovery for me. Lot’s of stuff I know and lot’s of stuff I need to check. Thanks for creating this blog. Really very nice and inspiring.

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  5. Thanks for your list of your favorite albums of the 2010’s – GREAT resource for turning me on to new music – this list was a treasure trove of new artists and albums!!

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  6. Hi Jason
    Great site. Have used your site to get great new bands such as Mission Jupiter. Your tastes are similar to mine but I would add Alter Bridge. Seeing one of your favourites Evergrey here in Dublin next month. Current album is excellent- wasn’t mad on last couple.
    Keep up good work


  7. Cool website. Have similar outlook on music, like rock/metal that does it’s own thing.
    Had read of RA and Galahad years ago but never listened. Came across RA again recently, great band and through looking for interviews and reviews about them arrived at your site. And then found Galahad again:)

    Keep up the good work.

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  8. Hello Jason,
    Find your site and Love it.
    My name is Carlos Vargas and I m from Lisbon.
    I m into prog and recently I discovered Porpucine Tree, PPR and Devin Townsend (28.3.22 a concert in Lisbon).
    Also Love all the prog classics.
    Best Regards.


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