Antethic – “Mythographer”


I think most of you know that I’m a sucker for engaging albums of progressive electronic goodness.  They honestly don’t come around that often, and I savor them when they do.  The new album from Antethic checks the boxes for me.  “Mythographer” releases on May 29th through Holy Roar Records.

Anthetic comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia.  That seems to be a hotbed for amazing music in that country.  The band consists of Alexander Lyvov, Yuri Efremov, and Konstantin Borisov.

Antethic offers what they call “experimental” music.  Yes, it definitely is that, but you could tag it with other labels, such as progressive electronic, post-rock, and maybe even trip hop.  Their music is vivid, abnormally structured, and daring.  You will hear plenty of gorgeous loops, striking melodies, and stumbling beats.  Texture is a major medium in how the band expresses themselves, too.

One thing I’ve noticed is how richly detailed the music is.  Maybe that is just the result of a great mix, but maybe it’s more than that.  Antethic’s style brings multiple textures and feelings together, and you can feel every grain, every bright keystroke, and every pulsating beat.  They do not clash, overrule each other, or muddle together.  The album is full of layers that work well together simultaneously.  The band have no trouble marrying grit with gloss.


“Mythographer” has some range to it.  The band released two singles, “I Glow” and “Frontier”.  These songs feel quite different.  “I Glow” feels like bright lights in the darkness with a hanging atmosphere truncated by sudden flashes of melody and bassy beats.  Honestly, it feels rather somber.  “Frontier” hits my ears in a different way.  It feels more cinematic, slowly turning into a driving rhythm.  The last few minutes are some of my favorites on the record as an elegant melody emerges.

You will notice that I talk about the “feel” of a song quite often when it comes to progressive electronic.  That is because this genre is built to evoke exactly that.  These songs are meant to create pictures in your mind and sensations in your skin.  It’s all about feeling the graceful arc of the song, rather than following any rules.

I love both singles, but the rest of the album is just as good.  My favorites are probably “To Move a Mountain”, “Absurd Hero”, and “The Unturnable”.  “To Move a Mountain” is a difficult song to grasp on first listen.  It might feel weighty and overwhelming, especially in the gritty opening few minutes.  It soon turns into an expressive dialogue of electronic melodies, however.  “Absurd Hero” is a colorful song that really brings the techno and dance vibes, especially near the end.  “The Unturnable” ends the album in sobering fashion, with a low rhythm that turns atmospheric and glossy in the second half.

“Mythographer” is a success.  One reason for that is that the songs are all around 7 minutes in length, allowing the feelings and tones to grow organically.  You can feel that natural progression without a doubt, even in the middle of such synthetic music.  I’m really enjoying this album, and I know there are many more depths to be mined here.


Find Antethic online:




Holy Roar Records


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