Stay Classy, Prog Community


I have to admit that I am ashamed of the progressive metal community today.  I don’t often feel this way about prog fans, but something has really ticked me off recently.  I felt the need to write something.

Seventh Wonder is getting ready to unleash “Tiara” upon us some time in 2018.  Yes, it has been since 2010 that we have last seen an album from these awesome performers.  Yes, I miss them just as much as you do.  In fact, I can even pine about the days when Tommy Karevik wasn’t part of Kamelot because that meant more Seventh Wonder for my ears, but I also can appreciate Tommy getting a living off of music.

So, what happened?  Seventh Wonder is signed with Frontiers Music.  Like any label, Frontiers is looking to position the new release in a perfect time of year for both the band and the label, too.  There have been delays and the release date is still up in air, and it appears that fans have had enough.  On the recent social media posts from Frontiers and the band, fans have decided to troll and outright attack the label about this situation.  Using terms like “outrage” and “moneygrubbers” and the like have been used, and the fans have basically acted like little entitled children about all of this.  They want the album and they want the album right now.  I’ve been truly ashamed of the many comments I’ve read.


In response, the band had to come out and explain the delay.  Yes, they tried to calm the masses by explaining their part in the delay, and also by trying to discuss basic label processes that every single label uses.  This is a total disgrace to the prog community and we should be ashamed of ourselves.  Here is Seventh Wonder wanting to share their art with us, and we are demanding it like we are somehow entitled to it.  Like it is ours already.  They are doing this for us, but we want it on our terms.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stay classy, prog community.  The label and the band are simply orienting the album in a time of the year where it will have the most impact, especially with a new Kamelot album coming in April.  Every label and band does this.  This is completely normal, and whining about it reflects badly on us as a community, not on the label and band itself.  It makes us look clueless and demanding, and that is not cool.

Can we just take a collective chill pill?  Seventh Wonder wants to share their music with us.  Frontiers Music wants us to hear it, too.  But there are normal scheduling strategies and situations that are absolutely going to happen on this album, and every other album on any other label.  This is completely normal.  Believe me, with the history of Seventh Wonder, the wait will be entirely worth it.  And, please, let’s not make the band regret ever getting into music.



Seventh Wonder

Frontiers Music


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4 responses to “Stay Classy, Prog Community

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  2. Curious if is more of the “metal” part of the prog-metal label than the “prog” portion. I don’t see this type of reaction about album releases on the prog sites I read regularly. That said, entitlement is running rampant in society in general these days, no matter your musical preferences.

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  3. Well said. I’m like every one else……eagerly awaiting the new cd. It will be worth the wait but there’s no need for the abuse directed towards the band. Wouldn’t blame Seventh Wonder if they said “Go F**K yourselves!”


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