Old Stuff: 2013 TPM Awards


I found this old note on the Facebook page detailing my first annual TPM Awards.  Back then, I had readers vote, too, so you’ll notice there are two versions of the awards.  Some of these awards were a bad idea, but some I might bring back next year.  I thought this might make for some interesting reading.

_________Written in early 2014_________

This year saw the first annual The PROG Mind Awards, wherein both the community and the admin (that’s me) voted on their favorites in several categories.  The results have been pretty satisfying, and I look forward to coming up with new ideas for next time.

Most Creative Music Video

> Community: Steven Wilson – “Drive Home” and Haken – “Cockroach King”

> Admin: Steven Wilson – “The Raven That Refused to Sing”

Most Imaginative Artwork

> Community: Elephants of Scotland – “Home Away From Home”

> Admin: Oblivion Sun – “The High Places”

Most Inspired Concept/Theme

> Community: The Tangent – “Le Sacre Du Travail”

> Admin: Hibernal – “The Machine”

Best Guitar Performance

> Community: Charlie Griffiths/Richard Henshall from Haken and Piotr Grudzinski from Riverside

> Admin: Stephen Kostas/Justin Carlton from The Twenty Committee

Best Bass Performance

> Community: Nick Beggs from Steven Wilson

>Admin: Bartek Turkowski from Votum

Best Keyboard Performance

> Community: no consensus

> Admin: Tracy Thomas from Echoes of Giants

Best Drums Performance

> Community: Nick D’Virgilio from Big Big Train

> Admin: Danilo Batdorf from Subsignal

Best Vocals Performance

> Community: Erik Rosvold from Cynthesis and Einar Solberg from Leprous

> Admin: Ross Jennings from Haken

Best Non-standard Instrument Performance

> Community: Theo Travis’ sax and flute performances on Steven Wilson – “TRTRTS”

> Admin: Marek Arnold’s sax performances on Cyril – “Gone Through Years” and Toxic Smile – “7”

Best Song 

 > Community: “The Watchmaker” – Steven Wilson

> Admin: “The Ritual” – Projected Twin

Sublime Moment of 2013

> Community:  Steven Wilson’s song “The Raven That Refused to Sing”

>Admin: Bader Nana – “The Discovery”, 9:00-10:15.

Most Anticipated Album of 2014

> Community: Big Big Train – “Station Masters”

> Admin: Lunatic Soul – unknown title

Best EP

> Community: “Drive Home” by Steven Wilson

> Admin: “So Much For Style” by Solar Soma

Best Debut

> Community: Sound of Contact – “Dimensionaut”

> Admin: Sound of Contact – “Dimensionaut”

Best Independent Release

> Community: No consensus.

> Admin: Projected Twin – “Earth vs. World”

Most Ingenious Lyrics

> Community: The Tangent – “Le Sacre Du Travail”

> Admin: The Twenty Committee – “A Lifeblood Psalm”

Best Album of 2013

> Community: Haken – “The Mountain”

> Admin: Haken – “The Mountain”


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