Decadence Dust – Lighthouse

It seems like we’ve received plenty of love from the Gothic metal scene so far this year.  Decadence Dust is among that crowd, and their new album has become a favorite of mine for 2023 thus far.  The album is called Lighthouse and it was released on March 15th.

Decadence Dust have been around since 2014, but only released their first album in 2020.  Lighthouse is their second full-length affair.  The band consists of the duo of Alexander Kargaev (all instruments) and Anna Dust (vocals).

I’ll be straight with you.  The band doesn’t play anything overly complex or technical.  Their sound is full of atmospheric synth, simple yet effective riffs, and expressive guitar work.  Their strengths lie in the strong vocal melodies and in the shadowy ambience they create.  When the two come together, it does somehow feel magical and full of tragic beauty.  That is what draws me to this band.

I think the lyrics, too, are a force here.  Anna delivers a dramatic and heartfelt performance, and I would say that her voice is pretty different than most others out there.  The words she sings are melancholy and beautifully written, full of wistful longings for love and meaning.  You will be singing along, there is no doubt.

The album has 10 songs and lasts about 40 minutes.  It flows by quickly and yet memorably.  The first half of the album has the electronica-heavy opener “Rejected” which has a chorus that sizzles.  Two of the singles appear here, as well; “Lighthouse” is what convinced me to hear the album, as its melody and catchiness are undeniable.  That song is pure gold.  “Lost in You” is a solid track that is growing on me, but “Step Away” is a favorite for its echoing hooks and sharp vocals.  “Storm” ends the first half with a 48-second song that is super attractive but is over so quickly.  That sort of leaves me wanting more.  Maybe that was on purpose?

The second half has some great tracks, too.  “Mannequin” opens with some deep Gothic overtones and one of my favorite choruses.  “My Own Crown” is even better with its rolling beat and lyrical depth.  Single “Dice Are Thrown” makes an appearance next with its interesting synth and hefty sound.  The last two songs are two more favorites for me; “Till the End on Repeat” offers a great chorus and little piano touches that perfect the atmosphere.  The closer “Better Than Me” might be my favorite overall with its addictive, rolling chorus and fantastic keys in the second part.  It is the longest song, too, so it has more time to develop, and I think it is a terrific ending for the album.

Decadence Dust have my attention.  Lighthouse is just so easy to listen to anytime and anywhere.  It is dark, but not too dark, more like a shaded grove with touches of lovely fruit and dreamy flowers.  It is a deeply Romantic album, to be sure, and I’ve found myself listening to it quite often.


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