Elysion – Bring Out Your Dead

I love finding a new band that hasn’t released an album in years, but they just so happen to be releasing an album in the near future.  I discovered Elysion last year, and they were already gearing up for the release of Bring Out Your Dead.  The album came out on March 10th, and I’ve been listening to it constantly.

Elysion hail from Greece.  This is their third album, and their first since 2014.  I love their first two albums, as well, especially Someplace Better.  The current lineup includes Christianna on vocals, Johnny Zero on guitar, Nid on guitar, FXF on bass, and Ilias Laitsas on drums.

The band plays melodic Gothic metal, a genre I love.  Their sound isn’t deeply technical or anything; it is more focused on atmosphere, the integrity of the riff, and emotion.  The band delivers on all three of those things.  The atmosphere feels darker on this one, and the riffs feel heavier.  The emotions are perhaps the most potent they have offered us yet.

Speaking of emotions, the lyrics on this album have really grabbed me.  The album isn’t a concept, but it almost plays like one sometimes.  There are some seriously potent moments, such as the voiceover on “This Time”, where you can feel the battle against outside abuse and teardowns.  I must confess that I tear up quite a bit throughout this record due to my own past, and so I recognize readily the tone and feelings the band is showing us here. The theme recognizes that sometimes we have to take extreme measures or set off on our own paths in order for healing to begin.

Musically, the band sound fantastic.  I really like the guitar work and how pure it sounds, and the rhythm section really brings it, too.  Christianna sounds more mature than ever, and I like how she sings with a slight accent, giving her performance an instantly recognizable pitch.  This is an album that you can sing along to, that you can completely sink yourself into without qualm.  It doesn’t try to be overly heady, but it does try to be deeply human.

The album has ten songs, and I love them all.  I do think the album gets better as it progresses, so the second half is my favorite.  The opener “Blink of an Eye” is really strong with its meaty riff and heavy second half.  I love the catchiness and imagery of the single “Crossing Over”.  “Buried Alive” is a favorite with its haunting atmosphere and punchy chorus that packs an emotional wallop. 

The second half is even better.  I really like “This Time”, my favorite overall.  It has such an intensity of tone, and I really identify with it.  As the aforementioned voiceover fades, I just love how Christianna comes filtering back in strongly and confidently, like she is not allowing another person’s darkness to rule over her.  “Blue Seasons” is a groovy, catchy track that I find myself singing often.  The closer “Eternity” is another favorite with its riffy vibe and glorious chorus.  It is the longest song, as well, so the band is able to fit more instrumental moments beside the searing vocal performance. The ending leaves quite an impression.

I love this album.  Bring Out Your Dead jives with me musically and thematically, and I think it is my favorite of Elysion’s so far.  I find myself listening to it almost every day, and I honestly don’t see that ending any time soon.


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