TPM Top EPs 2022


10. Vila – Liminal Space

I love this floating, doomy EP from Vila. It doesn’t try to be anything it is not; it is all about atmosphere, darkness, and beauty. It may fade into raw feelings here and there, but most of it is pure bliss.


9. Lore City – Under Way

Gothic atmosphere plus 80’s pop sensibilities make for a great combination in Lore City. I love how poetic and dark the first track is, and how textured and rich the second one feels. I’m really looking forward to more from this band.


8. Bent Knee – Audiotree Live

After being disappointed by the band’s Frosting release, this Audiotree EP hit the sweet spot by peeling back all of the post-production layers on the band’s music. The Frosting songs truly shine here as we get to hear them without all the fuzz and distortion, and Courtney sings her heart out, too.


7. Omnerod – Construction

I’m cheating a little bit here since this EP released back in December 2021. Still, I became acquainted with it in early 2022, and it is still sticking with me. The band has a fantastic guitar tone, great riffs, terrific clean and harsh vox, and a certain Muse-iness that sets them apart from other bands of their ilk. Check it out.


6. Hanging Garden

Neither Moth Nor Rust

Hanging Garden feels like Katatonia meeting Tool, and this EP perfects that sound.  The band has the distortion of alternative, the dark emotion of doom, the technicality of prog metal, and the crescendo-laden tendencies of post-rock, and some of the songs on this EP are simply well-written. I can’t ask for more than that.


5. Aythis – Samhain

Aythis knows how to create a great EP, I must say. I really like the balance between ghostly and folksy, organic and spectral. This EP offers a little more abstraction, yet it does not lose the grace that I associate with Aythis or anything Carline Van Roos creates.


4. Angie Haze – Mutations

Angie is a local musician in my hometown, and I really hope to see her rise. This EP displays her flamboyant charisma, with every song having its own little quirk or twist that makes it special. Her music is alternative and pop balanced very well, and yet there is a grit and authenticity here that keeps me interested. She has a new full-length album coming later in 2023, as well.


3. Mariusz Duda – Let’s Meet Outside

Mariusz Duda has his hands full with Riverside and Lunatic Soul, but his Lockdown Trilogy of electronic albums has been wonderful, too. He chose, along with the physical release of the trilogy, to offer this EP, almost like an epilogue. It feels like fresh air and light and socialization.  It has more of a beat than the other albums, and seems a little spunkier and quirkier, too. It’s a perfect transition from the more cerebral and dreamier previous albums.


2. Torn Between Two Worlds

As If We Never Existed

This debut EP from Torn Between Two Worlds is heavenly, simply put. They at first come across as a symphonic metal band, which is due to the liberal use of keys and orchestrations; their sound is a whirlwind of riffs and melodies, for sure.  Yet, their music is darker and richer, being part of the Gothic metal scene in Sweden. Of course, pop is a huge part of their sound, too, and there’s even a terrific Adele cover here. All I know is that, with the infectious writing and fantastic vocals, this EP can never last long enough. I hope more music is on its way, stat.


1. Mother of Millions – Orbit

I almost chose to consider this Mother of Millions EP an album, just because it plays like one and is as good as anything on my album list. What can be said about this Greek band?  They offer serious emotional power in their progressive rock/metal sound. After experiencing unfathomable tragedy, the passing of keyboardist Makis Tsamkosoglou, the band has returned in fine form. All four tracks are pure fire, especially the title track, and it only makes me excited to hear more from them.


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