TPM Top Vocals 2022


10. Jon Pyres – Threads of Fate

Jon has a unique and theatrical voice, one that might take some time to grow. But when you grasp his technique, it is enthralling, to say the least.


9. Enas Al-Said – Duncan Patterson

Enas added so much to Duncan’s pensive, sacred solo record. Her haunting and vibrant tone broke as through darkness to balance the album perfectly.


8. A.A. Williams

I have been slowly liking AA’s vocals more and more. Her tone is hushed and elegant, weightless and graceful. With her new solo record, she laid down her best performance yet.


7. Jayn Maiven – Darkher

Jayn shoots for haunting, and she nails it every time. Her music is purposefully dark and melancholic, and she provides a soothing and lush vocal style that heightens the atmosphere.


6. Matt Marinelli – Borealis

Matt sang his damn heart out on the new Borealis record. From little note twists to perfectly timed elongated notes, he offers all sorts of character and interesting ideas that add so much meaning. And sometimes he just blows open all the windows and doors with his powerful voice.


5. Christopher Hall

– Stabbing Westward

Chris has long possessed one of my favorite voices, and I feel like this comeback Stabbing Westward offering displays his voice like never before. His signature half-scream is alive and well, yet so is his beautiful and melodic side. This might be his best performance ever.


4. Sara Bianchin – Messa

Sara really surprised me. This was my first outing with Messa, and her upper range proved to be absolutely stunning. Her lower range is the real foundation, though. She seems to be able to reach any note she wants, all with lush and gushing force.


3. Cammie Gilbert – Oceans of Slumber

Cammie has become a real force in music, in general. Her soulful voice was only made better by a deep dive into Southern Gothic trappings, making for what is probably my favorite performance from her. Sky’s the limit for her career.


2. Heike Langhans – Remina

Heike possesses a deeply ethereal, spacious, and introspective voice. Combined with her thoughtful lyrics, she offers something artistic, emotional, and haunting that is difficult to find elsewhere. On the Remina debut, she dialed all of this up even more with a truly memorable, burning, and expressive performance.


1. Tom S. Englund

– Evergrey/Silent Skies

Tom is one of my all-time favorite vocalists. He is forever known for his heart-rending, emotional performances, and 2022 was a good year for him as he released not only one of the best Evergrey albums to date, but also his second work with Silent Skies. On the latter, he sings in some of the most inventive and engaging ways that I’ve ever heard from him. Even though he is a veteran artist, he seems more youthful and creative than ever right now.


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