TPM Top Extended Plays of 2021


10. Corque – Centauri Breach

Corque returned with a spunky and energetic new EP that displayed a mature grasp of the metal genre. The EP just feels great overall, and I was happy to see Corque including some vocals on one track this time. Check this one out if you like modern progressive metal.


9. Drowning Steps – Dark Nostalgia

Drowning Steps have a subtle and mysterious way about them, and this new EP was a delight in that fashion. I loved the darkness and subtle folk elements this time around, and the vocals were beautiful, to say the least.


8. Ignea/Ersedu – Bestia

I love seeing two bands work together, and this new EP from Ignea and Ersedu is one of the best examples. The bands split the tracks evenly, then coming together for one track composed and played together. It’s a raw and gorgeous work, and I hope more bands do this sort of thing.


7. Sojourner – Perennial

My only complaint about this Sojourner EP is that I wanted more. I get it, though—the band wanted to show off the new singer. Both songs are fantastic and have me looking forward to the next full release.


6. Head With Wings

Comfort in Illusion

This is about as complex and deeply conceived of an EP that you may ever find. Head With Wings showed us here that they have the chops and the maturity of composition to play in the big leagues. If you haven’t heard it, you should.


5. Life in 24 Frames – The Dark Triad

I love Life in 24 Frames, despite the trickle of content we get from them. This EP did scratch the itch, so to speak, with some fantastically atmospheric and melodic tracks that rank with their best.


4. Mariana Semkina – Disillusioned

Mariana was on her game in 2021, as well. This shadowy EP felt elusive and secretive, things that I feel she does very well musically. For every bit of dark theater, though, the weight of melancholy remains on each track, and beautifully so.


3. Tangerine Dream – Probe 6-8

I know this EP is just a taste of the upcoming Tangerine Dream album, but I can’t help myself. All three new tracks were phenomenal and showed the project taking some new turns, while also relishing the past. The new full length record is sure to be amazing.


2. MichaƂ Wojtas – iRobot

For sheer replays, this is the EP I heard the most in 2021. I absolutely love the Blade Runner-esque tone and spiraling electronics on both tracks. The second song even takes an unconventional path with its voiceovers, and so the whole thing feels novel and over far too quickly.


1. Lethian Dreams

– Last Echoes of Silence

Lethian Dreams is really growing on me as a band, and this EP only heightened that. I love the reworked older tracks and the new compositions. Everything is hazy and beautiful and doomy, just how I like it.


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