Deresolution – March of a Thousand Marionettes

We are winding down 2021.  Seems surreal, right?  I’m trying to get through a rather substantial list of albums I still want or need to hear, and I’m just taking it one step at a time.  The latest band is Deresolution.  Or De:resolution.  Something like that.  Their debut album March of a Thousand Marionettes released back on October 1st, and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Right away, Deresolution has an interesting twist to their lineup.  The main part of the band comes to us from Poland.  They are: Kacper Zieliński on guitars, programming, and production; Lubomir Kusiak on guitars and programming; Kamil Niewęgłowski on keys, synth, and programming; Natalia Siwecka on bass; and Albert Pietrzak on drums.  However, the vocalist on this record is Mac Guarnieri of Akron, Ohio.  You may recognize him from the bands Omniverity and Protodream.

The band plays a progressive metal with cyberpunk, metalcore, death, and djent tendencies.  Mac lays down both harsh and clean vocals, and the guitar work is heavy and brutal.  However, the album is also serene, cinematic, and gorgeous in its electronic and ambient moments.  Kamil provides keys that are compelling and add so much personality to the overall sound.

Right away, I have to say that Mac really makes this album.  Yes, the guitar work is satisfying and super heavy, and the contrast with Kamil’s keys is just so good.  But Mac offers crystal clear clean vox that are absolutely gorgeous, slicing right through the wall of sound with devastating effect.  His harsh vox, too, are multifaceted and layered.  There are several flavors and tones that he utilizes, from grunts to rasps to mutters.  He touches the whole spectrum, honestly, and it is simply tremendous.  And through all that, he still manages to make the music sound catchy and accessible, too.

March of a Thousand Marionettes is a concept album.  It, in short, looks to a dystopian future where everyone is augmented and medically enhanced, but at the same time, these people are mere drones, apathetic and compliant. They should be better human beings, but in reality they are losing their humanity. The story warns of the dangers of technology run amok, and the cyberpunk elements really flesh out this story.

Because this is a concept album, you can expect the various tracks to flow into and around each other, with reprisals and that sort of thing.  The record is a perfect length with 7 tracks and about 45 minutes of runtime.  From the opening cinematic instrumental “Impulse” to the closing chaos of “Dawn of a Hybrid Man”, this album takes us on a journey through myriad tones and contrasts that makes you want to listen to the entire thing through, each and every time.

Mac Guarnieri, vocalist

My favorites are “Omen”, “The Oncoming Storm”, “The Final Solution”, and “Hic Natus Est”.  “Omen” is a mix of brutal guitars and a gracious chorus that gives pause to the heaviness.  It is brilliant.  “The Oncoming Storm” is even better, though, with its addictive beat, spiraling guitars, and answering clean and harsh vox.  I think you might see that song in my “best of” list this year, especially because Mac sounds so damn good on it. 

“The Final Solution” is the single, and it has plenty of style.  I love the backing keyboard subtleties that add so much zest and depth.  “Hic Natus Est” is a longer track with a gentle first half, and a satisfying second half.  The chorus on this song is super memorable and sung very well, and I’ve specifically noticed how purposeful the guitar licks on this song are.  This “epic” is thrilling, to say the least.

Deresolution has a solid concept, a riveting mix of styles, and a captivating vocalist.  What more could you really want?  March of a Thousand Marionettes breaks the mold of some of the styles they use, such as metalcore, to become something more interesting, more accessible, and downright awesome.  This album blows by in a crazy wind of riffs and melodies, creating something whole and nourishing for metal fans.


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