Matias Bacoñsky – Epochal

Over the last couple years, I’ve expanded the types of music I share on TPM social media, and one of those genres is epic cinematic music.  The reception to it has been fantastic, which makes me happy.  I was introduced recently to Matias Bacoñsky and his gorgeous music, so I felt the need to write some words about him.  His new album is called Epochal, and it released on July 2nd.

Matias is a pianist and composer from Argentina.  I found it interesting that he was initially inspired to play piano by Amy Lee of Evanescence.  You won’t hear much of that band in this music, but her playing still affected him greatly, it seems.  This particular album features some other talent, as well.  Matias handles piano and composition, Ignacio Jose Ramirez created the orchestral arrangements, and vocalists Zuberoa Aznarez and Marina La Torraca appear on one track each.

As I mentioned, this is epic cinematic, orchestral music.  It flows mightily with vibrant colors, majestic melodies, and, for this record, a certain level of fantasy woven into its DNA.  This album also has plenty of choir vocals, so it can sometimes feel akin to something Howard Shore may have written, if you get my drift, but I find that there is a modern, dark, and fresh feeling to the entire record, and Matias’ piano is simply stunning at all times.

One talent that Matias seems to possess is the ability to make us feel very particular emotions, even abstract ones.  Tracks like “Reason to Believe”, “Light on the Horizon”, and “All in Vain” emote with such stunning precision that I already knew what I was feeling before I checked the name of the track that was playing.  “Reason to Believe”, especially, has a glowing sustenance and hopeful aura to it, and the song simply lifts my spirits every time I hear it.  It’s definitely a highlight here.

The two tracks with vocals are superb.  Now, these vocals do not have lyrics, so they are basically melodies and harmonies from Zuberoa and Marina.  Both of them have striking voices that add much to their respective songs.  Even though there are choir vocals throughout the album, these two tracks, “Breakdown” and “You”, simply feel more human and grounded.

The rest of the album is wonderful, as well.  From the expectant opener “New Dawn” to the mighty “The Immortal” with its giant climaxes to “Tree of Life” with its fantastic piano melody and percussive orchestral punches, the album doesn’t let down.  One of the best songs here is “All in Vain”, a song that is both epic and also nuanced; I look forward to it each time I start the record.

Matias obviously has a way with music.  This album is haunting and otherworldly, and yet very organic and grounded.  Most of all, it is moving and will stir your spirit.  For my money, Matias has even bested Thomas Bergersen’s recent Humanity: Chapter III release, and that is a tall order.


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