TPM Top Cover Art of 2020


10. Bleakheart – “Dream Griever”

Cover art by Brian D’Agosta of Gostworks Art

I love the dark sound of this album, and think the cover captures the tone and emotional quality very well. The beautiful face shrouded in blackness was the first thing that attracted me to this record.


9. Ascension of the Watchers

– “Apocrypha”

Unsure of the artist

There’s just something about this cover that I like. Maybe it’s the serene shoreline, or the angelic being, or maybe even the font. I’m not sure why, but it feels secret, meaningful, and revelatory.


8. Osta Love – “About Time”

Artwork by Daphne Braun and Tobias Geberth

This cover from Osta Love really grabbed my attention. The fine detail in the shot is both absolutely gorgeous and also awe-inspiring. Pleasure in the little things, the things we take for granted, is something I like.


7. Distant Dream – “Point of View”

Cover art design by Robert Kudera –

I understand the point of this cover, how things can often look very different from opposite perspectives. I get that. But, man, the cover is simply stunning, is it not?


6. Yenisei – “The Last Cruise”

Album art by Mariusz Lewandowski —

I haven’t explored this album as much as I would have liked, but the fiery horizon and the lone boatman really burned their way onto my brain. This cover is so beautifully wrought.


5. Sojourner – “Premonitions”

Cover artwork by Sebastian Luca (Bast)

This cover gives me a million questions. On one hand, I want to know about the giant owl. I also want to know about the people apparently seeking wisdom, and also the weird constellations (or are they fireflies?) in the bottom right corner. On the other hand, I just like to stare at this image for its mystery and fantasy.


4. Aleah – “Aleah”

Cover art by Leyla Salm Art & Design

Aleah, may she rest in peace, has left quite a legacy. I feel like this cover did her swansong justice, then, with its larger-than-life, eccentric pose. The color and details are so vivid that I feel more can be discovered every time I take a look.


3. Oceans of Slumber

– “Oceans of Slumber”

Cover art by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art

The first time I saw this cover from Oceans of Slumber, I was hypnotized. What a sweeping saga we are witnessing here, a search for self and wisdom. This record deserved a fantastic cover, and that is exactly what it has.


2. Michael Whalen – “Sacred Spaces”

Cover art by Michael Raymond Whelan

Something about this album cover instantly implied innocence, purity, and humanity to me. The album itself is very much like that, as well, but the gorgeous colors, splendid shape in the sky, and even the way the font is arranged have really agreed with me.


**1. Pendragon – “Love Over Fear”**

Cover art by Liz Saddington

This album cover has been my PC background for months. This is more than attention to detail, color, and theme. This is a masterpiece. What a picture!


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