Riverside – “Lost ‘n’ Found – Live in Tilburg”

I have been clamoring for a Riverside live release for several years.  The band did have one other such offering, called “Reality Dream”, but it was difficult to buy until recently.  The band is back with another live release, this time called “Lost ‘n’ Found – Live in Tilburg”.  It was something of a surprise release through Inside Out Music, and it launched officially on December 11th.

Riverside is my favorite band.  They come from Poland, and their progressive rock contains elements of dark rock, psychedelic Floydian soundscapes, prog metal, 80s-90s pop and New Wave, plus whatever the hell else they want.  The current lineup includes Mariusz Duda on vocals and bass, Maciej Meller on guitar, Piotr Kozieradzki on drums, and Michal Lapaj on keys.  On this particular release, being that it is from a 2015 tour, Piotr Grudzinski (Gru) is present on guitar.  May he rest in peace.

I honestly had mixed feelings about this show being released on DVD.  The album actually released a couple years ago through the Riverside fan club, but it was audio only.  The Inside Out release is the first version to include video.  I felt conflicted, though, to see Gru in his prime once again.  I was fortunate enough to see the Love, Fear, and the Time Machine tour, and he had begun to reach such impossible heights of performance and personality.  It definitely hurts to relive that.

Yet, I am happy to have a piece of the past now.  “Lost ‘n’ Found”, if it is anything, is a nostalgia trip from not so long ago.  We’ve all gone through so much since then, as have the band, and this feels like a slice of yesteryear, when times might have been a little better.  I appreciate that.

Enough of my ramblings, then.  This release has some ups and downs, but it is overall a strong offering for fans.  I expected this since I don’t think the band ever meant to sell the video portion.  Anyways, the camera work and sound are both great.  We get plenty of views of this high-energy tour, and we can hear everything.  Specifically, I would note that Michal’s keys are clearly heard, which isn’t often the case for other band’s live albums.  I appreciate this because Michal’s keys provide some of the most important moments on this tracklist (which I’ve listed below).

Gru sounds amazing on guitar, and he seems to be in his zone, almost in another world.  Piotr Kozieradzki hammers away at the drums with his methodical, quiet confidence, too.  Now, I’ve often wondered if Mariusz gets nervous for certain events, such as ones where he is being filmed.  His voice, on this release, can be a tad rough at times, which is completely unlike the three times I’ve seen the band live.  Typically, he is a force of melody and artistry.  On this release, it feels like he over-sings a bit, and I’ve noticed this in other similar situations, like the band’s Woodstock performance years ago.  I have to say, though, that he plays with the vocal melodies in satisfying ways, and he really finds his feet in the second half where he sounds fantastic. And I do like the man-bun, even if he doesn’t anymore.

The CD and DVD have the same number of tracks, so there isn’t anything missed on either version.  With 13 songs, the show is a great length.  I appreciate the tracks chosen, too, with favorites showing up from just about every album.  Songs like “Conceiving You” and “Egoist Hedonist” sound amazing and hold up or surpass the originals.  In fact, I would say this version of “Hyperactive” might be definitive, especially the instrumentals in the second half of the song.  The band messes with the song structures sometimes, such as the long pause in “Panic Room”, which seemed appropriate to me.  Overall, I am happy to see and hear these songs in a year without concerts.

I mentioned that Mariusz finds his feet in the second half, and he really brings it on the last four songs.  “We Got Used to Us” sounds sublime and his melodies are on point.  “Escalator Shrine” feels as dark and commentative as it should be.  Then, we get “The Same River”, the opener from the band’s debut.  On this release, it is even longer and the intro is different in some very beautiful ways.  I even like how Mariusz comments a few minutes in, saying, “This is a very long intro, by the way”.  It made me laugh.  The song just sounds so atmospheric and boundless in this setting.  Of course, the show ends appropriately with “Found”, one of my favorites, and it is as confident, peace-giving, and emotional as you’d expect.

Overall, though it can be a little rough at times, this release is exactly what I needed.  Hearing and seeing Gru’s massive solo on “Found”, or on any of these amazing tracks, is exactly the medicine my soul needed in this God-forsaken year.  I know fans will be pleased.  Go buy a copy.



CD 1:


Feel Like Falling


Conceiving You

Panic Room

Under The Pillow

The Depth Of Self-Delusion

Saturate Me

CD 2:

Egoist Hedonist

We Got Used To Us

Escalator Shrine

The Same River



Find Riverside online:



Inside Out Music


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