Video Premiere: This Is Not An Elephant – “Moonhunter”

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Last year, you will remember I reviewed the newest album from Munich’s This Is Not An Elephant, as colorful as their name suggests.  Now, on the anniversary of that album’s release, the band is unleashing a video from what was my favorite song on the album, “Moonhunter”.  You will love the infectious grooves, especially in the second half, and the video is absolutely breathtaking.  Check out the new video below.



From Randy M. Salo, bassist and video director, “The idea for the Moonhunter video actually existed before we had recorded the song and gave it a name. We have often been asked about doing a standard “performance” video since the band formed. We aren’t big fans of those and we expected we would look silly standing around in an abandoned warehouse playing our instruments. Actually, our video for “Do You Hear the Rain?” was going to be an anti-performance video, but then it changed…I digress. So Moonhunter was born out of the idea, “How can we make a performance video that doesnt really show us and can feature some other amazing imagery?”. The song is also the most psychedelic and spacey on the album and therefore we all felt it needed a suitable atmosphere.

That’s where Munich-based artist, Christoph Heyden, came into the picture. I’ve known Christoph for a number of years and one of my film colleagues had made a short film about him (which you should definitely check out here ). Christoph makes the most amazing visual landscapes out of water and color. I begged him for a year to work with us on the video but all I could do was try to explain my idea in emails. The idea was to film the band in our green screen studio and then superimpose our silhouettes over Christoph’s landscapes. Christoph agreed. But then things got even more crazy and abstract as the experimentation went beyond the initial concept.”


The landscapes and worlds appearing in this video were created by Munich-based artist, Christoph Heyden, and are exclusively made of natural, organic materials. None of the footage is computer-generated.

All band photography filmed at Moonbase Studios Munich

Directed & Edited by Randy M. Salo

Director of Photography (Band) – Kai Metzner

Additional Photography (Band) – Blake Lewis


Find TINAE online:






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