Transport Aerian to release new single and embark on European tour



I’m a big fan of Transport Aerian and the completely outside the box way they express themselves.  Each album seems like a new journey inside my head.  On the new music front, they have been silent since 2017, however.  That is about to change.  Here is the latest press release from the project:

“Belgian progressive rock project Transport Aerian comes back with a new live line up, aiming at the local and European tour the coming years, with the first series of shows planned for the winter-spring season of 2020. The line up features contemporary composer and pianist Umut Eldem, Gent’s young and gifted drummer Paul De Smet, and Transport Aerian’s long term partner, experimental guitar player Stefan Boeykens.

Besides sharpening tools for coming back on air shows, the band is to release a new single titled Big Heart, which will feature feature critically acclaimed guests from all across the Europe, including Chris Allan, Peter Matuchniak and Marco Ragni and is planned to be released as a charity effort. You can follow the journey of this progressive rock extravaganza on the official website.”

I’m really looking forward to what this band has in store.  If anything, I can definitely tell you that it will be something artistic and sincere.  Check out their past albums, and look for their new single early next year!




Find Transport Aerian online:



Melodic Revolution Records

MRR Bandcamp



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