Sediment Bruise – “In-Between”


Sometimes, I come across albums that stick with me, almost inexplicably.  Hearing the latest album from Sediment Bruise, I can hear things that don’t normally grab me; but, for some reason, I keep returning to it.  “In-Between” released on the 26th of January.

Sediment Bruise hails from Thessaloniki, Greece.  The band consists of Vag Mood (vocals), Nick Nikolaidis (guitars), Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Sotiris Fotinitsoglou (violin), George Moukos (drums), and Panagiotis Giannoudis (bass).  There is just something about band’s work that draws me.

Sediment Bruise officially labels themselves as an alternative pop rock band.  There is some warrant to that, I think.  The music could also almost be described as post-rock, but there’s definitely more going on here.  There is a large portion of electronic music at play here, for example.  The band also has an indie rock bent, and many portions are more ambient or atmospheric.  Many of the songs are slow burning, though, and they almost always pay off well near the end.  So, you’ll hear roaring guitars and pounding drums, but you’ll also have entire tracks that are fuzzier and moodier, and some with synth, violin, or cellos.


“In-Between” is one of those albums that meanders along, punctuated by energetic portions here and there.  It’s not meant to be high energy all the way through, but it is meant to be emotional, almost like the burning feelings inside a mentally numb person.  I think the band achieves that very well, and the explosions are worth the wait.

I’m still trying to clarify in my mind the overall sound of this album.  It’s almost monotonous, in the best possible way, and the band punches through with strong and vivid moments of clarity and social commentary.  The vocals from Vag are quite creepy, in a way, as they represent thoughts and inner turmoil.  They are perfect for what the band is trying to accomplish, though.

All of the songs here are worth your time.  “Birth” opens up the album with a great electronic-laden tune.  “Mirror” has some of the most steely-edged moments on the album.  Songs like “The Shore” and “No Bonds Between Us” linger longer in the air, feeling more ambient and spacey.  “Delinquency” has some strong rhythms and lyrics.  My favorite thus far is “State of Mind”, a song that has some especially desperate and wispy vocals, and it builds and builds, like the growth of a mental detonation. 

All in all, “In-Between” is a very enjoyable album, especially if you are looking for something different.  Sediment Bruise are rather low key in what they offer, but it will stay with you.  I look forward to seeing what they produce in the future.


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