Midas Fall – “Evaporate”


Progressive electronic is really making a comeback, or maybe it’s just getting more attention.  I’m not sure.  It seems like new promos for this genre are appearing in my inbox every week, or bands are at least incorporating the genre into their overall sound.  Midas Fall is the latest I’ve heard, and their new album “Evaporate” is really something to absorb.  Releasing on April 27th, this album sounds unlike anything else I’ve heard this year.

Midas Fall hails from Scotland. The band consists of Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn.  Elizabeth handles the vocals and lyrics, and then they both play all the instruments between them.  Guest Ross Cochran-Brash handles drums, when those are present.

Dark, illustrious, and expressive; Midas Falls’ musical style is difficult to describe. It is clearly a mix of progressive electronic and post-rock, but there are accents of neo-classical, alternative, pop, shoegaze, gothic, and other genres.  They utilize lots of abstract and powerful movements of sound to drive the overall mood, and it comes across as melancholy, poetic, and intelligent.  There is something mysteriously ancient and deeply organic about their sound, despite the electronic accents and modern vibe.

While sometimes the electronic nature of their music is more subdued with keys or violins at the forefront, other times the electronica is a burning trailblazer that whisks you away to another person’s heart and mind. The album is less about grooves or beats, and more about intangible textures and emotive space.  Their music is truly like climbing the heights of the earth under a starry sky, never fearing to mount the mystical summit or explore the agonizing shadows.  You will lose yourself in this record.


The music matches the lyrical content rather well. While I’m not privy to the specifics on the lyrics yet, they are rather effective and emotional, especially the song “Dust and Bone”, and the alternative part of their sound really comes through here.  Absolutely heart-rending at times, the lyrics are sung with expression and passion, and the music spreads that deep fire everywhere.  Elizabeth’s vocals are outstanding both in performance and in emotional expression; and, oddly for an electronic album, the vocal hooks are beautiful, towering, and even catchy.

“Evaporate” is one of those albums that feels like a stream of consciousness. While certain tracks do rise above the rest, the album itself is a single amazing experience from beginning to end.  There are definitely different tones throughout that experience, though. For example, “Sword and Shield” is full of longing and maybe even a bit of hope.  “Soveraine” has a bit of shoegaze to it, making it feel elevated.  “Glue” feels more like a rock song, and has awesome guitar work.

Like I said, some do stand out, though.  “Evaporate” is one of my favorite songs this year.  It is ghostly, shadowy, and absolutely heart-aching.  “Dust and Bone” is highly emotional and soul piercing.  I love the feelings of dusk and finality.  “In Sunny Landscapes” is probably the brightest song on the album, but it still feels foreboding and ominous.  “Howling at the Clouds” ends the album with angst and a gritty sense of longing and unrest.

Midas Fall have a winner on their hands. “Evaporate” is deeply artistic and blankets your senses with melody and texture.  With groups like Iamthemorning and the Beatrix Players making headway in the prog community, I hope to see Midas Fall really start to gain footing, too.


Find Midas Fall online:



Monotreme Records

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