TPM Top Vocals of 2017

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I am an unabashed fan of vocalists and their art.  I have so many favorite vocalists that I honestly am not sure who is my personal favorite.  Two thousand seventeen gave us many amazing vocal performances, and here are my top 10 favorites.


10. Trude Eidtang – When Mary – “Tainted”

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Trude offers a great voice on When Mary’s new offering: However, it is her ability to craft memorable, catchy vocal lines and to deliver them with gusto that lands her on this list.


9. Henrik Fevre – Anubis Gate – “Covered in Black”

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Henrik has a great, modern voice, and I absolutely love his catchy, off kilter vocal lines and choruses.  He really does have a gift for infusing prog metal with pop sensibility.


8. Nad Sylvan – “The Bride Said No”

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Nad is probably the classiest singer on this list.  He offers an exquisite, poetic, theatrical performance on his latest solo album.


7. Amy Birks – Beatrix Players – “Magnified”

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The Beatrix Players really broke into the spotlight this year with their debut, and Amy really has a style all her own.  No, she does not sound like most other female singers.  She isn’t afraid to offer odd or off kilter sounds and notes, but she can also lay down a perfect vocal line, too.


6. Jim Grey – Caligula’s Horse – “In Contact”

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Jim’s voice is and always has been golden.  His performance on Caligula’s Horse’s latest might be my favorite thus far, though, as he offers his gravy tone, but he also offers a furious, emotional performance about topics and ideas about which he is obviously passionate.


5. Michał Wojtas – Amarok – “Hunt”

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Yes, I did a double-take when I first heard Michał’s voice.  Yes, he sounds like Mariusz Duda to a certain degree, but I’ve learned to appreciate his different tone and very tender performance style.  His voice comes across as completely pure and sincere.


4. Mariusz Duda – Lunatic Soul – “Fractured”

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One of my favorite singers ever, Mariusz has been getting better and more melodic over the last few Riverside and Lunatic Soul albums.  On the new LS album, he offers some the most soulful and dare I say “pretty” vocals he’s ever produced.


3. Einar Solberg – Leprous – “Malina”

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Einar has one of the best voices in the prog community today.  The softer direction of the new Leprous album allowed him to stretch his huge range and his emotional side to the max, and the results are amazing.


2. Susanne Sundfør – “Music for People in Trouble”

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I’ve always like Susanne’s instantly recognizable voice, but on her latest album she really goes all out from both technical and emotional perspectives.  She still isn’t afraid to try unconventional or even strange things, and I love that about her albums.


1. Daniel Gildenlöw – Pain of Salvation – “In the Passing Light of Day”


What can I say about Daniel’s voice?  He’s another contender for my favorite vocalist ever, and his poetic and extremely emotional style while strip you to the bone.  This is especially so on the most recent Pain of Salvation album where he bears his heart about his recent mental and physical struggles.


TPM Awards2

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