TPM Top Cover Art of 2017

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Cover art is not an indication of album quality, but it is the band’s first opportunity to grab your interest.  Cover art is important, and I honestly love it.  Here are my top 10 favorite album covers of 2017.


10. Nine Skies – “Return Home”


I love the nostalgic, urban feel of this cover.  It perfectly matches the theme and musical tone of the album.


9. Threshold – “Legends of the Shires”

Threshold - Legends Of The Shires - Artwork

I’m not a huge Threshold fan, but this cover is glorious in a Middle Earth kind of way.


8. Major Parkinson – “Blackbox”


The music is dark and macabre, and the cover mirrors that well.  I love the reference to the empty space inside her head.  The title track addresses the vacuum that is being caused by social media and our little smartphones.


7. Nad Sylvan – “The Bride Said No”


I love the evocative and poetic nature of this cover art.  It is very detailed, but also evokes pleasantly grey images and faithful innocence to me.


6. Wintersun – “The Forest Seasons”

Wintersun - The Forest Seasons - Artwork

Wintersun’s latest was a surprise favorite of mine this year, and I really like the detail and pastoral feelings in the cover art.  Gorgeous.


5. Soup – “Remedies”


Soup’s latest is a highly emotional, climactic album that deserved an equally eccentric cover.   I feel like the heights of emotion and musicality on this album are expressed well on this cover.


4. Dreamgrave – “Monuments”


Dreamgrave produced a very classy and conceptual EP which also happened to have some amazing cover art.  I could look at this for days!


3. Life in 24 Frames – “CTRL+Z”


Just like the music, the cover to this beautiful album is understated but also spacey.  It is truly gorgeous, as are the inside and back covers, too.  I’m glad I bought the vinyl.


2. Nordic Giants – “Amplify Human Vibration”


Another vinyl acquisition for myself, this thoughtful cover from Nordic Giants has really grown on me, much like the album itself.  There’s just something about this lone structure that I love.  The inside art for the vinyl is probably some of the best and most vibrant I’ve ever seen.


1. Persefone – “Aathma”


I still can’t get over how much I love this Persefone cover.  It captures the spirituality and vivid nature of the album and theme, and it just looks cool, honestly.  I bought a shirt and vinyl because I love this image.


TPM Awards


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