Song Premiere: Silent Skies – “Horizons”



Silent Skies is a band you’ve never heard yet, and the two band members are purposefully hiding their identities for now.  Perhaps we will find out more in the next couple months.  Their debut is going to be released later this year, but for now we have a single called “Horizons” to tease us (linked below).   Take a look, and see if you can guess who might be behind this beautiful music!

 *Official Press Release*

 “If you voice Scandinavian melancholy and let it run through the virtuosic fingers of an Oberlin Conservatory film score graduate, you get Silent Skies. It is the sum of two individual musical journeys that came together by coincidence; some would even call it fate.

The two supremely talented protagonists, who together can boast over two decades of experience within the music industry, crossed paths by chance. The catalyst was an incredibly sensitive re-interpretation, on piano, of a composition originally written by the other artist. Immediately realising that this was not an opportunity to be missed, a swift email was sent. It suggested a collaboration, which gave birth to ideas of a musical landscape rooted in cinematic, film score music. It would be driven by some wonderfully tender and emotive piano playing, but with the added sound of some unique and charismatic vocals built around a strong and familiar melodic sensibility.

The compositions are both bleak and hopeful, setting a sombre tone. And, with lyrics that stem from self-reflection and existential contemplation, the atmospheric music of Silent Skies is engrossing and hypnotizing, evoking in the listener visions for the inner eye.”

Check out “Horizons”!


Find Silent Skies online:








2 responses to “Song Premiere: Silent Skies – “Horizons”

  1. Thanks for the post here. Awesome mood music. The great (and bad) about Prog rock is it covers the full spectrum of music and isn’t afraid to extend to new realms.


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